MA for NOF Blue
Finally...Audiophile Speakers in a Narrow Package
Hand Crafted By Music Lovers

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I am an audiophile in the hobby for 20 yrs. I have listened to many systems ranging from $500,000 on down. Mostly unimpressed with what I've heard in hifi shows, friends homes, dealer demos and so on. I have had the opportunity to listen to Mark's Preamp and Flagship speakers as he has worked on them throughout the last several years. First of all, I noticed Mark was never satisfied unless he achieved perfection. There were times in my listening sessions where I thought it couldn't get any better but Mark proved me wrong. He continued to work on his designs and IMO, he has built an awesome sounding Preamp and Line of speakers. With his MA Preamp and Flagship speakers in the system, it produced the most amazing transparency I ever heard with a very detailed, smooth and musical sound. I listened carefully and the sound is extremely resolving with inner detail while being completely full as well. The highs are completely extended with no loss of information and the imaging is large and rock solid. The entire sound is very broad, tight and dimensional. Bass notes and piano have fantastic attack, punch and control. The sound is very neutral. Mark has built a very revealing transparent Preamp and an Excellent line of speakers. I highly recommend Marks, MA Preamp and his Flagship speakers to those that are true audiophiles who desire the best sounding system possible. He has just completed the matching sub and it looks like another fantastic design.-


You have an incredible sounding system - My first impression is, everything sounds right - For me when I listen to music especially when alone, I get into a nice relaxed meditative state. In your system there's nothing annoying, no boom or shrill that smacks you back to reality and that, is a treat.
Now for some Audiophile Terms: Very open sounding with great imaging - all the instruments are clearly heard and sit in their place in the sound stage - clear, detailed, yet very musical and non fatiguing - as I said before Everything Sounds Right. -Tony


It’s difficult to believe that such an amazing sound can be produced by some narrow boxes hanging on the wall.  In fact, the music doesn’t seem to be coming out of the speakers; it’s just there in the room. I’m listening to all my old recordings for the first time, and experiencing home cinema that’s better than the theater. -Jonn C






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