MA for NOF Blue
Finally...Audiophile Speakers in a Narrow Package
Hand Crafted By Music Lovers

Miracle Audio Inc., is about people who love music.

From its inception in 1999 and still true today, Miracle Audio  was conceived primarily with three goals in mind.
1. As a vehicle to satisfy both the stereo audiophile and the surround sound movie lover.
2. To keep the peace between husbands who want high quality sound and their wives who don’t want those ugly big boxes in the house.
3. To make great music and powerful movie soundtracks available in one affordable system.

Miracle Audio Inc., is a handful of dedicated, creative, talented and borderline
insane individuals supported by some of the finest small and mid-sized companies in the world. Our common goal is to design innovative products and manufacture them from the best materials available, utilizing a work force of individuals who understand the meaning of the word craftsmanship. (Links are available for viewing on the Partners Page)

Whenever possible, materials and labor are from the USA.  However,  when the only choice is to go offshore, (usually because what we need is not available here) we work with smaller companies whose dedication to quality and the music industry is renown.  This worldwide partnership results in a product well worth the price, and one that will bring you years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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